Shadowrun Returns completed

I remember buying Shadowrun Returns quite a while ago and promptly started to play. For about 30 minutes and then somehow I never came back.
Now I know that was a huge mistake. Shadowrun: Dragonfall was marked down quite a bit on Steam and I pondered buying it, in the knowledge that the predecessor still sat there unfinished. So I set out to give it another chance (because I actually love the Shadowrun world and played the pen & paper for quite a bit). This resulted in me spending most of Saturday (nearly 9 hours to be exact) playing through from 30min in till the end credits. And I can only say: WOW, it’s so good and so much fun. I think at around the 4 hour mark I alt-tabbed to quickly buy Dragonfall (which I started to play just now, it looks equally well done so far)
It’s not revolutionary, but it’s a solid single player role-playing game with turn-based tactical combat. (Queue memories of Syndicate in the 90s) I think I played on normal and only had to reload once because I lost a fight and I needed to peek into a walkthrough three times. One of those was genuine (at the UB), the other too I could blame on the game itself. First I didn’t know where to go because I didn’t get that “Sure you want to leave the scene?” in combat mode is not a bad thing, just the way to the next zone. And then nothing happened where something should happen, but I should’ve just walked around a bit for a turn or two. So I don’t call those two cheating, only the first thing I mentioned (at the UB).
So yeah – no crashes, perfect difficulty level, it was just a bit short. According to some research it should’ve been around 10-12h and not 9, but maybe I forgot a few side quests. I am quite happy it’s not 20+ because I love to finish a game once in a while.
Still undecided if I grab the preorder for Hong Kong on Steam or if playing Dragonfall is now enough in the near future.. We’ll see.

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More Heroes!

Time for an update on Marvel Heroes I guess:
BOGO happened and this time I gave in. You might notice that there’s 4 new characters on the roster, which brings me to 21 Heroes, 17x Level 60.
I bought X-23 (and got Wolverine from my Random Hero Box) then Black Widow (and got Doctor Strange). First I levelled Black Widow, as she had recently had a review and she was pretty fun to play. After that I started with Winter Soldier (finally, he was my 13th Hero) but then wanted to try X-23 as I had heard good things. Yes, it was fun 🙂
I also started with Wolverine and actually did more story mode to get some more achievements, but after chapter 1 already decided that this is kind of moot and dusted off Miss Marvel (who can fly) to find all the events and hidden rooms. I haven’t written about achievements yet, but they are fun – so far. I especially like the whacky ones, like Hawkeye’s “Kill 1000 Ninjas with Melee Powers” – which I do by entering the Hand Tower on Normal and killing everything with Ronin Lunge. Should be done in 10-11 runs. Then again there’s this other achievement to kill 1000 Ninjas with a certain Any Hero-Unique equipped, so I’ll probably put that in at the same time, as I only have a third done.
Hawkeye got prestiged twice more after having found the fun with him again (and honestly, the purple name suits his current costume a lot better then white or green…) on Midtown Monday. Captain is blue, which looks good – but Human Torch could use 2 more to be orange, maybe this is not the smartest idea:
Scarlet Witch 5x for red, Hulk 1x for green, Ghost Rider 4x for orange, Deadpool 5x for red, Iron Man 5x for red, Nightcrawler 2x for blue, Wolverine 5+++x for cosmic yellow….
I bought 2 more Hero Stashes I think, so down to 1530G now. I’m also at over 250 Eternal Splinters again, so will probably randomize 1-2 more once I hit 350.
Like Wilhelm, I don’t like the new editor at all, and this is the first post I fully wrote in it. Let’s see if I at least manage to get all the important settings right.

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Slowly levelling in GW2

My Norn Warrior is halfway between 59 and 60 and while I still kind of like the game, I much prefer Marvel Heroes at the moment – and I think I didn’t even try to play another game for a while.
I kind of want to reach 80, and it’s not that I’m stuck, but it seems to drag on a little. I am pretty happy that there’s no rested XP (as far as I know) because something that always annoyed me in WoW was having to find an inn to log out – here I can just stay wherever I am when logging out.

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Marvel Heroes Weekly

Not as much got done, but I’m still happy with the result:
The tally now is: 17 Heroes, 14 at 60, 5 prestige runs done (so really 19), 2 Team-Ups.
There was a giveaway at which their servers didn’t really handle that well, but I still managed to snatch a free character box, which yielded me Black Panther. Other than that I prestiged Captain for the second time and Hawkeye for the first time (wanted to play him with the review changes anyway), the +50% XP bonus for the Avengers helped a lot. After that I levelled Nightcrawler to 50. He feels awfully squishy, but he’s very fun to play. Apparently he gets better at max level, with all the powers available – we’ll see.
Again I spent a few millions on Costume Affix rerolling, but I got nearly everything to > 80% of the max roll now, and even ~45% of them to > 90%, fwiw. Everyday I’m spreadsheatin’. Other than that I started a massive cleanup of my bank slots and exchanged a load of Any Hero Uniques for Runes and Relics, and also a ton of duplicate hero-specific ones. Then again a few heroes now already have a “levelling set” of Uniques, mostly the ones I prestiged already, but a few others that I plan to prestige also have a few.
Scarlet Witch is supposed to be really awesome after the 52 review now, but I haven’t tried her again. Still pondering if I should just prestige her at the next event, maybe next Monday…
For now I saved up my Eternity Splinters, I think for the second time ever I have more than 200. Still unsure if I should continue gambling until 20 or buy Domino as a Team-Up, because she’s supposed to be a little better than Clea. Then again it probably makes more sense to wait for a half-off sale again for those few percent of bonuses and just keep ~150-200 splinters ready for this.
I’m still sitting on 1050G and haven’t spent any money lately, I think. That is, because I failed to mention another 20$ purchase in the April 27th post.

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NBI 2015

At the off chance someone’s reading this blog and still missed it in their filter bubble, the Newbie Blogger Initiative 2015 has started. I am absolutely not involved, but I love the idea – so many new Gaming blogs to check out. And as someone who is more likely to stick reading because of the mix of topics mixed with writing style it’s not as easy as “try to find all blogs for game X” to find new reading material.

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Marvel Heroes overdrive

Yes, again I’ve been playing even more Marvel Heroes than anything else.
First of all, there’s been a few additions to the roster. I bought Iron Man at the 50% Tax Return (US stuff, but who cares?) sale after getting Deadpool from a random box and on Sunday I also got Nightcrawler from there.
Since the last post I first levelled Cable to 60, then Deadpool and then started with Iron Man last week (hooray, vacation).
This weekend I prestiged Captain America because of the Avengers 50% XP buff and maybe I’ll do it a second time. Or prestige Hulk, Hawkeye or Scarlet Witch – but for her I might wait the two weeks when here review is supposed to go live. Speaking of reviews, I haven’t read good things about Hawkeye’s review. He was my first Hero to 60 and he was pretty fun to play – but after playing some other heroes he’s been put on the backburner a bit and I had hoped for the review to bring him up to speed so he’d be as fun to play as my current favorites. Ah well, we’ll see.
On the other hand I dug into theorycrafting now and looking to get some characters raid ready (or at least write down what’s necessary) – so there’s a lot of spreadsheets involved, which “Any Hero” unique should go to whom, which of them are useless enough so I can exchange even the 60 ones for Runes and Relics, and so on and so on.
Especially nasty are the Costume Suffixes. Most builds just go with a default of “+Critical Damage Rating” on all 4 Grades, so that’s what I used for most of my heroes – but this is highly random, so you can either have a lot of rating or not much at all.
Apparently the max rolls without a Costume Core for Grades 1-4 are 70/140/216/302 and with a 60 Costume Core they are 382/765/1177/1668 – so now everytime I am at the 3m credit cap and also have some spare Pures, I’ll start rerolling until I have everything to at least 90% (or 80% if unlucky) of the max roll. I think today I spent like 500k to get like 8 grades to over 90, but with so many characters 😛

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Things I like about Guild Wars 2

I’ve played a fair bit of Guild Wars 2 in the last weeks, my Norn Warrior is Level 47 and my Asura Necromancer is Level 17.
It’s not the best game ever, but I’m really enjoying it – the crafting is nice. It’s possible to craft stuff for your character while levelling, with the materials you gathered. OK, I needed to invest some money to buy cloth, because I did not have enough at all for Armorsmithing. Had plenty of metal though, that was a bit weird. But I’m wearing stuff I crafted – that’s nice.
Map completion is awesome. People sometimes say you shouldn’t use the Renown Hearts as Quests but do as you please… but if I’m running around, doing events, doing hearts, grabbing Vistas and PoIs… I complete the maps I play on. Then there’s world bosses and unlike in WoW where only at the start of the tier the max-level chars form a raid to down that enemy… people of all levels gather every 30mins and down that enemy. And they all get level-appropriate gear! Actually the automatic downscaling is the killer feature here – max-level chars, mid-level chars, and level-appropriate chars all working together on that world boss. Awesome!
Then there’s small QoL things that are better than WoW: you can revive escort NPCs if they die (and the event doesn’t automatically fail) and they usually don’t pull 400 mobs while walking, everyone can tag along even after it started (escort events, and events in general).
I also like the personal story bits every 10 levels. It’s not too much and you especially don’t have to rush there the moment you hit 10, 20, 30, … because this also scales down. But the rewards are kind of fixed level I think, so you should do them in time, but at least you can finish what you started.
So far I didn’t feel pressured into buying anything, after ~50h of play time, I think that’s pretty good. Sure, I could use some gold, or bigger bags, or whatever – but apparently you can easily get to max level without having to buy anything after the initial box – this is very nice. They’ll absolutely get my money for the expansion unless I’ll totally lose the fun in the game over the summer.
There’s probably a dozen things I forgot now, but so far I’m very, very happy.

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Problems with the WoW token

xxxxxxx: so, when are you coming back to wow again?
Armagon: next expansion for sure. maybe if the token comes to europe
yyyyyyy: uhh… Started this week

And so I had a quick look, it’s at 40902 Gold atm, quite on the costly side. seems to be an easy way to look at it.
My problem now is the UI ingame. I can log in my sub-20 chars, as I wrote in my last post and when I click on a high-level character, a popup appears that lets me buy 30 days of game time for xxx Gold. And that this gold will be evenly deducted from the characters on this account.
Now my problem is that I don’t have a clue how much gold I own on any realm or in general. I could have 200k, I could have just a few hundred Gold more then the buyout price and I could have not enough and it’s buggy and shows the popup anyway. I just tried 3 realms and get the same popup on any of them, I am *pretty sure* I have enough gold on two of those realms, and absolutely sure I don’t have enough on the third – that’s why I find this confusing.
As I don’t want to buy a token right now I didn’t try clicking on it – who knows if there’s a confirmation window and/or how many steps I need to go through to actually activate it, but why o why couldn’t they put the amount of gold on this realm on the char select screen?

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A very quick visit to Azeroth

Some time ago I had read somewhere that apparently nowadays you can log in to your not subscribed WoW account and play low-level characters. This week I was sick and in bed all day, mostly sleeping, so at one point I fired up the client, tried to find my authenticator and then patched up WoW.
I could indeed log in, see all my characters and log in with the ones below level 20 (didn’t check if below 20 or below or equals 20 though). I only did 5 jumps in an inn, but it’s nice to know. Maybe I will visit some people in the future. And if the WoW token comes, I might even spend some ingame gold to check back for a month, we’ll see.

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Another month of Marvel Heroes

Oh wow, it’s been nearly a month since I wrote down my progress in Marvel Heroes – guess I’ve been too busy playing the game  – so this means it’s still absolutely fun 🙂
So apparently since the last post I managed to prestige Human Torch a second time, get Hulk, Ghost Rider and Taskmaster to 60 and, which was the best part, get Punisher from a Random Hero Box and also level him to 60, yay. I also got enough OMEGA currency to buy my second team-up, Agent Coulson. So right now only 2 unlevelled characters out of 13.
Punisher is fun to level and play (probably because he had his review recently) despite his Ammo mechanic being very, very different than the Spirit for most heroes. Ghost Rider was kind of fun, but doesn’t seem to be strong (with my gear and/or spec), same for Taskmaster. Hulk was a bit unexciting, but I think because of levelling only in Midtown and ICP (no story mode at all) I neglected my gear, so I read he should be strong but didn’t feel like that – I probably have to redo some things and practice.
I also spent many hours better equipping some of the characters, with most of them now at least having only 60s epics (not min-maxing really, but I should write down a few slot/hero combos where to save up the cosmics).
I played a lot of Captain America at 60 on last Monday’s Midtown Madness  (a holiday) and earned around 100 OMEGA points, so now I’m just shy of 800. Not too bad for 100 days of login rewards (awesome concept btw) for which  I got the Mini-Ultron pet yesterday. I should tally them up at some point, I think…
So the last todo list looked like this:

  1. Get enough Cosmic Worldstones to buy the Doop pet
  2. Get enough OMEGA stuff to get Agent Coulson (Team-Up)
  3. Get a Legendary on the Heroes that are lacking one: SW, HT, CAP, HULK
  4. If possible, get the Hero a legendary before starting to level
  5. Story mode is incomplete on: HT, STM, MM
  6. Get Domino (Team-Up)
  7. Decide what and if to prestige again, preferably before retroactively completing story mode

So yeah, 1), 2) and 7) are completely done. 6) would need more Splinters and for now I still love Random Hero Boxes (although I got a 2nd SW token yesterday as well)
For 3-5 I need to elaborate. From the St. Patrick’s Day event you could get a massive amount of “levelling” Legendaries, where step 1 gives you 10% XP, step 2 and 3 gives you 10% RIF and SIF and then some more. So all heroes that don’t have a proper Legendary now have at least one of those and the ones with a proper one also have one of those stashed away. I also have enough Cosmic Worldstones and Odin Marks to buy some Legendaries, which I will do once the non-proper ones are maxed-out. We’ll see.
Regarding story mode, it was worse than I thought. At some point I decided to not do full-on story mode for the heroes anymore, so only Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Gambit have 100% completion, for Human Torch, Captain America and Storm I stopped midway on Superheroic. So for those 3 I now at least did the minimal story mode for the rewards and on the newer heroes only this from start to end. So now only Hulk and Miss Marvel are sitting at 154 power points (zero story mode) and Storm needs 3 more, the rest is maxed at 166. Oof.
From a money perspective, I spent 20$ since last month and have 490G left, but I have the hero stash for every hero I own now.
The hero wish list obviously lost Punisher, but gained She-Hulk.
Random fact: I just had to add “Punisher” and “Hawkeye” to Chrome’s spellchecker. Bad Google.

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