Vacation equals MMO time

Yesterday and today I took the time and got some things done I had on my todo list for a while:

  • Finish the Tide of Vengeance War Campaign on Horde
  • Ran The Eye to complete a Tier 5 transmog set (it worked!)
  • Finish Blood Gate & Zandalar Forever
  • First Exalted rep: 7th Legion
  • Put more 110 characters through the BfA intro, to the Golden Seal
  • Finally get a transmog for the Alliance Druid
  • Wrap up Darkmoon Faire profession quests on all 13 toons at Level 100+
  • Ran all three wings of Dazar’alor in the Raid Finder

Yep, vacation and staying at home helps get shit done in MMOs ­čÖé

Vacation equals MMO time

Battle for Azeroth 2 months later

In general I’m pretty happy with Battle for Azeroth, no, really. On January 7th I resubbed and I’m pretty sure I’m continuing for a third month in a week. For someone who played from 2006 to 2014 with no break longer than a couple of months and then stopped completely, only coming back for the expansions that sounds kind of good.
I do have some goals, after all. Mostly hitting Exalted with the 4 factions needed for the new races and seeing the whole story from both sides, but a few more…
There are a few annoyances though:
First of all, if I’m not interested in gear there’s no real draw to continue playing my second char per faction. I’m at iLvl ~330 – did Stromgarde once and don’t see a real point in grinding gear and rep now.
Also I’ve hit iLvl 382 with my best geared character and I don’t seem to be able to progress without doing Mythics – and while I can live with 5mans, I hate timed runs.
Vulpera are not a playable race.
Also grinding out some old Draenor Garrison achievements is just so painful. So much luck involved even though you’re trying chance daily.
Same goes for the Order Hall in theory, but it seems to be less annoying.

Battle for Azeroth 2 months later

Somewhat busy in Azeroth

As I tend to claim, I’ve not forgotten WoW, I’ve actually been busy doing things. Not just letting my minions run missions… (still not sure if this was a good idea to keep from the garrison…)
I didn’t really count, but during Love is in the Air I used 8 characters at 110+ and ran the dungeon for the mount. I think I did that for like 10 days, maybe 6, maybe 11. I’m kinda glad it’s over now but I would have loved to get the mount.
I also finally finished the 5th class hall campaign (having that achievement at 4/5 kinda annoyed me every time I looked at it). I think it was only 10 quests on the hunter, whereas the Warlock would’ve needed a dungeon run (in Legion, haha) and then more like 20 quests – so the choice was easy. I was reminded how much I loved some of those class hall campaigns overall though… So I’m kinda eager to see how much sense it makes to do them on the chars where I didn’t do them (Druid, Mage, Priest, DK, Monk.. I guess?) Whereas I started (got a toon to 110) but never finished (as seen by the lack of achievement) on Paladin and Warlock – and the 5 I completed now (Rogue, Demon Hunter, Shaman, Warrior) –┬á this makes 12 classes… so the math checks out.
I’m also still trying to finish the naval mission stuff and grabbing herbs from the Garrison to buy the transmog items with Draenic Seeds – but I think that’s the only thing I will do for WoD content at the moment…
I can also scale back my running of MC, BWL and Onyxia a bit because this Sunday my Paladin Tier 2 Helm finally dropped! Ok, it’s the Onyxia Level 80 version but the devs had mercy and this completes the set – good enough for me. This week I did 3 MC runs and 4 Ony runs, zero BWL. I guess I can go to at most 3 MC, 3 Ony and 1 BWL from now on. But only the Paladin T2 made me run stuff every week…

Somewhat busy in Azeroth

MMO expansions

Kaylriene and Wilhelm and Bhagpuss wrote about expansions and I wanted to comment on the weekend and forgot. Then I typed a response to Bhagpuss and because it reached epic dimensions (for an answer) I decided to put it here instead.
Hm, I’ve long thought about this topic over the years and I don’t have a definitive opinion.
Back when I was playing WoW as my main (only one with real invested time) I was kinda looking forward to the expansions, but often already a bit wary because they would always change something for the worse. But ok, this could also happen in a major patch, or the new raid tier could be not as fun as the last one – I was hardly ever so fully progressed that I had seen and beaten all the content. I always had the goal to play all alts to max level, etc. (That’s an especially big one.)
But then I started playing other MMOs and I’m not really sure so much changed for me. Sure, I’m coming back to WoW only to check out the latest expansion (since 2014…) and haven’t stayed longer than 3 months since, but still. To me it always feels a little “moving the goal posts” and before I reach the goals I set for myself.. there’s a new expansion and the cycle begins. I am in no way teased by new shinies and I always hated the gear grind (apart from making the stuff I couldn’t do a little easier over time) – but just getting new stuff is zero motivation to me. I wanted to beat the bosses and gear was a means to an end. So in this regard I hated every new raid tier and especially every new expansion where it was: level, attune, farm reps, get gear, etc.pp.
Now I was *really* happy in SWTOR because I came later and could catch up with gear, but then with the latest patch you can get newer and better gear – this has killed every urge to log in recently (but ok, I’ve also wanted to play more WoW and FFXIV…) But yeah, those people having played SWTOR for years have really deserved some new stuff, so it’s ok, really. It just killed some major incentive for me to log in and catch up, that’s life – I did reach a lot of those goals in SWTOR I set myself. And without goals and achievements those games are quite a lot less fun for me.
Also I was always really happy when WoW was near the end of a patch cycle and I ran out of things to do, because then I had time to play other games for a month or three before the next expansion hits. Maybe I *am* a tad overenthusiastic about my main MMO – I don’t play it casually. I sink in every spare minute if there is stuff to do.
So… quite a bunch of words to go rambling in a totally wrong direction, given the three linked blog posts. Sure there are better and worse expansions, but my main problem is the cadence when they are hitting and if they are changing too much stuff. I wouldn’t be playing the game in the first place if it had a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed. Everything should always stay the same, get off my lawn, kids.
PS: Ranking of WoW expansions how I enjoyed them, for no particular reason: TBC > WotLK > MoP > Legion = Cata ~= BfA > WoD. Bit unsure yet where BfA stands.
Small update 2019-02-19: Telwyn also chimed in. Also a thing I totally missed talking about: “Vertical progression” expansions that are not moving the goal post (as I defined it), like in Guild Wars 2 or (apparently) EverQuest. I only experienced this in GW2 and I kinda liked it! I do love leveling, but it’s usually the first step in doing anything and a huge motivator, but sometimes not having to update the gear (that’s the step I hate the most) can be awesome. So I guess an expansion that does not increase the level cap once in a while can be a good idea.

MMO expansions

Choices are hard

I have the most first worldliest of first world problems, the race/class distribution of my WoW toons.
Right now I’m playing more Alliance (Horde is kind of figured out for the most part already) and while I had a plan, with the Allied Races everything is unclear again. Not sure what I should do.

  • Paladin – Dwarf – fine
  • Druid – Worgen – fine
  • Rogue – Human – fine (but won’t be maxed right now, due to Horde Rogue)
  • Demon Hunter – Night Elf – fine, no choice anyway
  • Hunter – Dwarf – regretting this a bit, but ok
  • Priest – Worgen – fine

Now the problems begin.

  • Warrior – Level 101 on wrong server. Shall I transfer?
  • Shaman – Level 80 on wrong server. Shall I transfer?
  • Warlock – Gnome was planned, but might be a good class for an Allied race
  • Mage – got a Level 20 Draenei, not to late to remake as Allied Race
  • Monk – kinda uninteresting, but again: Allied Race?
  • Death Knight – didn’t plan to, but could make this a Gnome after all…
  • I also have a Level 100 boost spare, so should be used for a non-Allied Race char (because of the Heritage Armor)

Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves are out of the picture right now anyway, but Kul Tiran Humans and Dark Iron Dwarves are kinda in reach.
The Allied Races can’t be DKs so I could switch my planned Gnome Warlock to be a DK.
If I chose to transfer my Warrior I could still start a Dark Iron Shaman and choose either Monk or Mage or Warlock for Kul Tiran. Decisions, decisions…
Also apparently I have begun running MC, Onyxia and BWL for transmog stuff again *sigh* Not sure how many runs I’ll need for that damn Paladin T2 Headgear.

Choices are hard

No, I didn’t play only FFXIV

No, I didn’t exclusively play FFXIV or forget about the other games.

  • The Druid has been 120 for a few days already and I’m grabbing WQs for upgrades and also doing some Emissary quests (and on Rogue and Pally).
  • Running out of resources on the Rogue, but meh
  • Running the Valentine dungeon daily on as many 110+ toons as I feel like
  • Only 2 rare naval Garrison missions left \o/
  • Did some profession quests at the Darkmoon Faire

No, I didn’t play only FFXIV

Plans for Azeroth

Real life has been a bit busy and weird the last 2 weeks, so I’ve not done much besides playing WoW when I have time and so I forgot to finish that last draft.
I’m still doing my Emissary Quest on both chars every day and finishing the War Campaigns as I unlock the rep steps. Well, actually I just finished the Alliance 8.0 one.
It’s still fun, so I’ll stay for at least another month for now.
I did have a lot of alts on max level after Legion, 7 in total, but only 2 of them Alliance. While I loved the Demon Hunter in Legion I didn’t want to level this class again right now, also because it’s a lot less fitting to Kul Tiras. Legion was perfect. So first of all I dusted off my 61 Dwarf Hunter who had been left in Hellfire Peninsula at the start of Legion (I guess) and been using up the rested XP. He’s at 67 now and has Heirlooms en masse.
But I really wanted to push for another max level character. I had made a Worgen Druid at some point, standing in Gilneas at Level 1. Screenshot, delete, remake as 110 class trial, finally use up the boost. Bam!
This time I tried to stay clear of all the non-main story line quests and just followed the main story. I’m 117 now and finished Drustvar and Tiragarde Sound. Let’s see how this works out in the end, including starting the War Campaign at 118.
Sorry Horde chars, but as long as I stayed unsociable in SWTOR I really like Guild Chat after all and so I need to stick to Alliance for now.
Immediate plans are:

  • Get Druid to 120
  • Finish the Horde War Campaign
  • 3 Garrison rare naval missions and ~100 normal ones :/
  • Unlock the four Allied Races in BfA:┬áKul Tiran Humans, Zandalari Trolls, Dark Iron Dwarves, Mag’har Orcs – I’ve given up on the 2 Argus ones
  • Get Hunter to 90, maybe 100 – then think about whether to upgrade Heirlooms
  • Look at LFR this expansion

Not so immediate plans are:

  • Maybe push for all Exalted reps on the Rogue, need Honorbound and Zandalar anyway
  • Maybe take up Suramar rep grinding again for the Nightborne, but my character with the highest rep (Shaman) is still 110.
  • So maybe level Shaman first?

Plans for Azeroth

120 again

Oops, this was supposed to be posted on the 29th already.
Yesterday I dinged for the second time, on my Horde Rogue (main of 8 years), as I had leveled both in parallel to take advantage of rested XP. Still took 19h, apparently I’m slow. And also regularly porting back to the garrison to finish those 1000 naval missions ateone point. Still a bit curious where I lost so much time, surely it can’t be reading all the quest text?
Overall I liked the Alliance story/experience a little better. Zuldazar and Vol’dun were great, Nazmir was a bit bleak. But I’ve never been one to enjoy dark sceneries, except when it’s also magical and awesome, like Drustvar.
I’ve also never been a fan of Sylvanas and Blightcaller is horrible anyway, whereas Taelia and Flynn are fun.
Maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy either? In the first few expansions I saw the Horde as not inherently bad, but this time.. meh. Talanji is ok, so helping the Zandalari is cool, but I wonder if I missed any reference back to Zul’Gurub, I’m exalted on that char after all?

120 again

Blink and you’ll miss it

So I played a little more WoW after my few days away from home and dinged 120 on Friday, yay. 18h is a bit slow (mostly rested) but apparently I took all the time to smell the roses on the way and didn’t hurry at all. Also I cleared 2 zones completely with side quests instead of moving on quickly.

Thanks to my awesome guild who dragged me through a few Timewalking dungeons (and a Mythic0) and told me what to do to get gear, just last evening I was already sitting at iLvl 330 and then after finishing up some stuff I’m now at iLvl 347, finished Timewalking, my first Warfront and the Islands weekly. Right now I’m continuing the War Campaign, gated a bit by 7th Legion rep.
All in all it’s super fun and a nice diversion from SWTOR (where I still log in most days) and the questing flow is really awesome. Also the early gearing path is nearly a little too quick, with World Quests and dungeons and various one time things instantly providing such good gear – but I won’t complain. I put the Rogue a bit on the backburner for now, as I wanted to get one char “done” and experience some early endgame at 120 first.


Blink and you’ll miss it

Thinking about alts again

After so many years of playing WoW I’ve amassed a number of characters, of course the goal was to have one high-level class per faction – but a few are missing.
So clearly I’m missing an Alliance Warlock (played a male Gnome one through Boralus in the BfA trial, ready to receive a 110 boost, but undecided), an Alliance Druid (got a 44 one on my other account), an Alliance Monk, an Alliance Death Knight (got a 70 one my other account), and a Horde Demon Hunter. Those 2 on the other account are quite low, so no use transferring them, as I don’t think that account will ever be reactivated. Thanks to the starter edition I just checked the 2 bank chars and they have like 600 cloth and 600 leather and a few random items.┬áThere’s also a 4x Alliance Paladin that I already had restarted and the new one is nearly 120 right now. ­čśŤ
The third Rogue, second Warrior, and┬ásecond Shaman are on a German server where some friends used to play. The third Hunter is on Argent Dawn where the blogger guild <Single Abstract Noun> played, many years ago. The Death Knight and third Priest are on the server where I had transferred my main to raid. Finally the third Warrior is on another German server where some friends played – all the others here are on my main server, or on it’s merged partner. This is really good, so I can mostly keep Horde and Alliance separate, only the second (Alliance) Rogue is old enough to be on the main server, the rest is on the other server.
There’s also a distinct lack of Rogue favoritism, they’re only a few levels in the lead over the Warriors…
Also it doesn’t help that I stopped playing regularly…
I’ve also thought about the Allied races for a while.

  • Void Elves: Moderately interesting. Progress: Never been to Argus. Effort: High
  • Lightforged Draenei: Hardly interesting, still Draenei. Progress: Never been to Argus. Effort: High
  • Dark Iron Dwarves: Very interesting, although I’m just now playing a Dwarf. Progress: Not started the War Campaign: Effort: Medium to High?
  • Kul Tiran Humans: Quite interesting. Progress:┬áNot started the War Campaign: Effort: High
  • Nightborne: Moderately interesting. Progress: 14900/21000 and mostly done Suramar on one char. Effort: Medium to Low
  • Highmountain Tauren: Moderately interesting, not different enough. Progress: Exalted and Started the quest in TB. Effort: Low I hope
  • Zandalari Trolls: Relatively interesting. Progress: Not started the War Campaign, halfway through Zuldazar. Effort: Medium to High?
  • Mag’har Orcs: Hardly interesting, I like normal Orcs. Progress:┬áNot started the War Campaign. Effort: High

So in summary I’ll try to unlock the Tauren soonish, then I’ll have a look at the two War Campaigns anyway. Maybe I’ll revisit Suramar, I was not a big fan.
Oh, and I also still have that Level 100 boost. Useful targets could be: Alliance Druid, Alliance Death Knight, Alliance Shaman on my main server. Demon Hunter would start at 98/100 anyway and I’m not sure I want to try Monk again. My least favorite class, followed by DK.
So much to do, so little time ­čÖé

Thinking about alts again