MMOs and focus

Every time I read about people who can play (and enjoy) multiple MMOs at the same time (I’m mostly thinking of Syp, but there are others) I’m astonished. Whenever I tried to pay for 2 subs at the same time (and yes, that small amount of money is still a real argument for me, in the sense of “I’m paying this monthly sub, I better be playing that game”) I might hold up for a week of alternating, but at some point I’ll highly gravitate towards one of the games and use up 99% of my gaming time in that week or month or that game – I just can’t seem to focus on more than one. The only exception might be EVE Online, where it’s feasible to pay for offline training and only actively play a few hours per month, but I’m more thinking of traditional MMOs here. I’m mostly ok with that, but if I knew it would work for me, I’d be joining WoW’s BfA expansion now, because I’m kinda nosy. But I’m having a blast in SW:TOR and I still have Dead Cells and Quake Champions here, and I’m already neglecting those 2.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my fourteenth post.

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On character boosts

When I started digging through the backlog of some of the Blaugust participants’ blogs there was one topic I found pretty interesting: character boosts.
(I wrote down one specific post, it was this one, but I’m pretty sure I saw more).
I wouldn’t say I have a strong opinion, so why am I talking about them? I guess what you often see is this “Back in my day we had to walk uphill.. both ways” attitude, but if I ever held it, I regret it. Sure, if you’re playing a game where some stuff is gated behind a terrible grind… maybe the easy route shouldn’t be available. Same as “Buy this boost for money!” – although I usually prefer level playing fields, something in the range of a monthly subscription price (or 2 months) can be acceptable for everyone who wants to take part in endgame and skip the time sink.
The thing is… I usually don’t do it. In any game where I get a free max-level (or old-expansion-max-level) boost.. I just keep on stalling and not using it. I am actively playing SWTOR right now (I also wrote a lot about it) and I have one “Level 65 boost” sitting there, unused – I’m still not even sure for which character I want to use it. I think I’ll pick one of the missing pure DPS classes where I am not too fond of the mirror class, or where the fun part is missing, like the Gunslinger, where I liked the Scoundrel because of stealth, but didn’t love the combat.
In WildStar I did use a Level 50 boost (I have no clue where I got it from) for a class I hadn’t leveled much yet (Engineer) but it was a very forgettable experience – but I guess I didn’t play much after using the boost, so I never got to know my character very well.
In WoW, I remember using one boost to Level 60 – but I’m pretty sure it was refer-a-friend in TBC or WotLK, and I didn’t enjoy playing Mage in Vanilla at all. After he was 60, I leveled him in a normal way and by that time also had a ton of fun at times. I’m not sure we ever got another free boost, but a quick google search tells me you got a Level 100 boost for Legion. Thinking hard I might have used that one for my Alliance Paladin. I might have leveled her to 60 (via demon invasions? were they called that?) and then boosted to 100, because I had already leveled a Horde Paladin to 100. And apparently there will be 110 boost available if I purchase Battle for Azeroth. Doesn’t make much sense for a 91 Monk that I don’t enjoy playing anyway, but on the Alliance side I’m completely missing Warlock, Druid, and Monk, I have no Horde Demon Hunter, and the Alliance Mage is only 20 (but I wanted to level one to 60 the normal way anyway) and then there’s a 60 Hunter and a 7x Priest and an 80 Shaman. Oh, also no Alliance DK on my main account, but not a fan either. We’ll see, maybe it will stay unused just like in the other games.
Guild Wars 2 is an exception, because just by playing you get so many Tomes of Knowledge (click to advance a level) that you can level 3-4 characters to max level just by playing a handful to max level, nearly 2 for the price of 1, so to say. And you also get a complete boost, but I haven’t used that one either. Or do you even get 2? I don’t remember, but I had no shame using my Tomes on some characters to fill up some levels, e.g. personal story from 10-13, then 7 Tomes, personal story from 20-22, then 8 Tomes, and so on.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my thirteenth post.
Ninja edit: Hehe, of course Wilhelm also wrote about it, but I had this draft since late July, I swear 🙂

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What happened?

Oh boy, double XP is bad for me, where did my weekend go? I played every free minute I was at home and the results are as nice as they are shocking.

  • Bounty Hunter to Command Level 159 (+17 over the weekend, +62 since the patch)
  • Sith Juggernaut to Command Level 24 (+19)
  • Jedi Sage to Command Level 41 (+18)
  • Commando to Command Level 34 (+29?)
  • Scoundrel to Command Level 18 (+6?)

See, I don’t even know exactly where I started, but I finished 2 Conquests this week, did Ziost, Black Hole, and Section X like 4 times, did some PvP and a ton of dailies for the Rampage Part III rewards of the Conquests. Man, does Section X suck on Republic side compared to Empire…
Why did I do this on so many characters? Mostly, gear. All of the “fresh” 70s now have a ton of 230 pieces from the first 20+ Command Chests and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The Weekly quests reset on Tuesday and Wednesday is a public holiday here, and the Double XP event is supposed to go until the weekend – so I’ll have to make plans how many turbo sessions I can squeeze in after the reset, I really want to reach Tier 3 on the Bounty Hunter, which starts at Level 181.
My banks are overflowing in green gear and other stuff, also tons of orange items from the chests, I think I had nearly 100 items on the Auction House on the weekend.
I made a super cool change to my transmog and here is…

Pink Ranger
Pink Ranger

PS: Blaugust has started and this is my twelfth post.

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The end of Marvel Heroes

I had last posted about Marvel Heroes in August 2017 when I was somewhat actively leveling some characters. I don’t recall how long I kept on playing, but I must’ve stopped somewhere in the autumn and I never posted a final post.
The game closed on November 27, 2017 and I won’t repeat the details, you can look them up here.
Of course I was a little sad that a game I had played for nearly 3 years (and most importantly, Steam says I spent 1554 hours ingame) but I wasn’t upset. What was indeed a little annoying that I had grabbed some ingame currency to stockpile in June (because it was a tremendous sale, 16 EUR for 10x the currency I usually got for the same amount of money) and I hadn’t spent a lot of it. I think I spent as much as I would have paid if it wasn’t for the sale, but I am very sure I hadn’t bought it in the first place without the sale. Anyway, peanuts. I was always pretty happy to throw money at Gazillion because I really, really felt I was getting a superb F2P experience and I can pay as much as I want. (I think it was around ~240 EUR for ~34 months – so 7 EUR on average per month, whether I was playing or not – or half of a normal MMO sub.
I just really hope all the ex-Gazillion employees found some job soon.
PS: Apparently Steam decided it’s a good idea to delete all the screenshots I hadn’t moved away when it silently removed the game. In the Steam screenshot browser I still see the game “Marvel Heroes Omega” and around 50 broken screenshots I made 2 days before the game shut down, but they’re not on disk anymore. Thanks, Steam.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my eleventh post.

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Spending time and money

I really like the housing in SW:TOR – and that’s why I was kinda excited we’d get a new Stronghold, and on Rishi, my favorite piratey planet!
So today I put down the 3m Credits and bought one (you get the first expansion, The Overlook, for just 120k until the next patch, so grab it!). I was a little let down by the entrance layout, something I had missed when watching a test server video. Not sure how much I’ll use this for everyday, probably not so much 🙁 The “housing” part is just too far from the entrance, which sucks. But I also put down some money to expand my third Stronghold, Nar Shaddaa (this one *is* awesome) and I’m now at 75% bonus for Conquests.
This 100% EXP boost is pretty nice though, it catapulted me from Command Level 11x to 142 in just 2-3h, and I have half of a Conquest done already for this week with just 2x Tatooine dailies. Maybe I’ll try to do one more 2h session this week, but I’ll definitely do one after the next reset, where I hope to get another 20 command levels in 3h. I’m really not a fan of gear grinding at max level, and this Command Level thing is basically that. Better gear, and an arbitrary metric of an endgame Level, meh.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my tenth post.

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My gaming history

This week is Get to Know Each Other Week at Blaugust, and I had this page draft I wanted to publish for a while, so I just did that. Because it’s nearly midnight, I got in some gaming time today, but overall got up too early, came home too late and so I’m posting a draft, still going strong with one post per day 🙂
This page called Gaming History (which I will not reproduce here) shows a list of games I played and that I either think worth mentioning at the time, or which just had such a big impact that I wanted to write down when I started playing them (not necessarily when I stoppped).
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my ninth post.

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Notable quotes

Were there any quotes by guild mates or people on your server that became the stuff of legends or just quoted to no end? Some of them are probably in-jokes, but I have two I fondly remember even after many, many years.
The first one was about Illidari Council late in Black Temple.
WoWWiki says “[…] it sports a difficult pull and a rather chaotic battle for survival, which requires high situational awareness and fast reflexes from all raid members.” and thus someone called it
The Super Bowl of… not standing in things.” and it’s the most apt and yet funny description I’ve ever heard about a raid boss.
The second one was spoken by our WoW guild leader at the time.
I can only paraphrase it, but it went something like:
I love all of you. But I also love the safe feeling that you’re all living hundreds of kilometers away.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my eigth post.

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SWTOR – Weekly report & new patch

Before the Blaugust hype started I mostly posted updates on what I was playing, seems I didn’t do that for a week now.
Still had a few Command XP boosts and my eyes set on reaching Command Level 300 this year, so I worked on that for a while. For some reason I switch from easy relaxed playing to clenching my teeth and not even getting up for a drink when I have XP boosts running, bit of an unhealthy attitude. Anyway, the boost is 2h and in 70 minutes I managed to do Ziost, Section X, and Voss including the weeklies, which catapulted me from 97 to 108. Sadly I didn’t think it through properly and did those 3 again yesterday, so no Weekly – and I only got 2 Levels instead of the assumed (((108-97)/7)*5) =7.x 🙁 So this week I’m probably gonna check Black Hole and some other planets so I don’t make that mistake again.
My Imperial Agent hit 60 today and just finished the Legacy of Rakata Flashpoint, so that’s 10 levels missing here and 20 levels on my Sith Assassin for 8x Level 70 (hooray for arbitrary goals). That dungeon really sucks solo. War Chief Rehkta takes ages, Commander Rand takes even longer and the final boss fight also draws out. Bonus points for a buggy companion on Rand (no Heroic Moment) and in general the IA in my spec/gear is maybe good for burst, but not sustained damage.
In more positive news, I’m close to bringing another Profession to 600, although it’s only Investigation, which means logging in every 20 minutes and spending money, but well…
I still have my Level 65 boost and I’m still not sure what class to spend it on.
The 5.9.2 update Galactic Legend has gone live today, but either I’m missing some patch notes or the only interesting thing is the Rishi Stronghold that’s too expensive for me right now. I do have ~7m but I still need to buy some wings for my Nar Shaddaa Stronghold. So I’m a little unexcited about this content patch, but at least the servers were up and running when I got home from work. Apparently we have +100% XP though for a few days.
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A certain kind of completionism

I have this thing where I want to have one of every class in MMOs I play. This is not too uncommon, but I usually also want to at least have one of every race, and sometimes one of every gender. Basic math says this usually does not work out well without having too many duplicates. And really, who needs 4 max-level rogues? 3 should be enough.
Anyway, I have this problem in SWTOR right now.
I’ve got all the classes at 50+, most at 70 – check.
I’ve got a healthy mix of male(3) and female(5) characters – check.
Now the races are more complicated:

  • Cyborg – female (but Human is really close)
  • Chiss – male
  • Human – male (but Cyborg is really close)
  • Sith Pureblood – female
  • Rattataki – female
  • Twi’lek – female
  • Miraluka – female (still pretty close to Human/Cyborg)
  • Zabrak (light/non-red) – female
  • Mirialan – male and female

So that means these races are completely missing:

  • Cathar
  • Togruta

And because SWTOR has one voice actor each per class and gender, for all the combos of advanced class (e.g. Jedi Knight & Guardian, where the voice actor is the same) I want to have the other gender. The only 2 classes where I already started the second playthrough on the other gender are Jedi Consular and Imperial Agent.
So this means I’m still missing these (yeah I said 5 female earlier, but it’s 7 including the lowbies):

  • Mercenary – male
  • Sith Marauder – female
  • Sith Sorcerer – male
  • Jedi Guardian – male
  • Gunslinger – male
  • Vanguard – male

I also already made one character model in the creator I really like, so the Sith Marauder is basically set to Cyborg, or more likely, Human and female.
Now where to put the male Cathar and Togruta? Clipping is an issue with the Twi’lek Lekku and as far as I’ve seen, also with the Togruta. So maybe not the Mercenary where I’m inclined to have a helmet on from time to time. Also not the Gunslinger, because that would just mirror my Twi’lek Smuggler.
Then there’s the point of having a non-standard class in one of the factions, so maybe a Rattataki Vanguard would be nice (once I have the Sniper at 50 to unlock the race for the legacy).
So maybe this will work out:

  • Sith Marauder – female Human
  • Sith Sorcerer – male Zabrak
  • Jedi Guardian – male Togruta
  • Gunslinger – male Cathar
  • Vanguard – male Rattataki (could be Cathar, but I don’t want a second Aric Jorgan, also Rattataki look more badass)
  • Mercenary – yeah, that’s the only one where I’m still at a total loss, could also be Twi’lek, or Sith Pureblood, or anything

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had these problems in your life? 🙂 I have the same problem for WoW, but as I’m not actively playing right now I won’t go into detail here. Ragnarok Online was kinda nice where you only had cute humans in male and female and a few hair styles and colors to choose from…
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my sixth post.

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